Get to Know Jeff the Brotherhood


Happenin Fest is TODAY! Can you believe it??? No MORE waiting. No more FACEBOOK blasts. No MORE preparation. It’s just time to party. With that being said, let’s hit the final “Get to Know” blog. Although we’ve been authoring the previous blogs from scratch, we’ve decided to take a different approach with Jeff the Brotherhood.

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Get to Know Drew Price and Plains

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Can you believe that HAPPENIN FEST 2014 is only two weeks away? Neither can we. With that being said, we’re going to continue with our “Get to Know” blog series. LETS TALK ABOUT DREW PRICE AND PLAINS. Drew Price (also known as Drew Price’s Bermuda Triangle) is an honest musician. Through his many, many albums

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WHOA! This month has been super busy at HAPPENIN RECS. Between CHOPPED CANANDA, the new PLAINS full-length, and HAPPENIN FEST 2014, we’re barely able to keep up with our daily chores.

That being said, we want to HIGHLY encourage everyone to peep the new PLAINS album entitled, “STONE CLOUD.” It dropped last week, and we’re super excited that we are distributing it alongside NOUMENAL LOOM Records. Great album, great friends, and smooth jams. Here, stream the record if you need to be further convinced:

Also, check out DECODER MAGAZINE’S review/preview of the album by clicking HERE!

We’re also excited to announce that pre-sale tickets are now available for HAPPENIN FEST 2014! Did you know that we added JEFF THE BROTHERHOOD to the lineup? Did you know that we will be TURNING UP at one of the coolest spots in Birmingham (GOOD PEOPLE)? Well, get a ticket and start planning your tailgate, brah. Here’s the link:



HAPPENIN FEST 2014, etc.


Sorry that we’ve been out of touch for a couple of weeks. ALEX MACK just dropped on I-Tunes, so we’ve been gettin’ caught up. Also, did you know that BAR RESCUE is available on HULU PLUS? Neither did we… Things have been rolling along at Happenin Headquarters, and we’re getting ready to make some major

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